Amazing Kauai Beaches

Beaches are numerous on the island of Kauai and some parts of the world do not have the luxury of having a select choices of beaches to go to. Beaches are enjoyed by most persons that you will meet but some people do have to find ways to get to good beaches. Kauai hotels and resorts have some of the most exquisite beach views imaginable.

Kalapaki Beach

Kalapaki beach is located in the Lihue area of Kauai and is the best beach in this area as well as the entire east coast of the island. Kalapaki is fifty yards wide and quarter mile long and is located at the Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club, one of the most well-known Kauai hotels around. This beach is actually perfect for swimming as it is protected by a jetty and it is also great for surfing during winter swell times. From the sand of the beach you can actually view the 2,200 foot peaks of the Haupu Ridge. The beach has beautiful golden sand and is great for other activities such as volleyball games, peddling, sunbathing and more info here:

Anini Beach Country Park

Anini beach is a 3-mile long beach with golden sand and is one of the safest beaches for swimming in Kauai. The beach is shielded from the open ocean by the longest reef in Hawaii and so is also great for snorkelling. Niihau shells are the rarest in Hawaii and they sometimes can be found at Anini beach. Anini is also a great attraction for divers as there is a 60-foot deep drop on the northwest side where the reef runs along. Anini is good for activities such as fishing, camping, beach walks and paddling. All Kauai vacation packages should include a visit to this wonderful beach.

Hanalei Beach

The Hanalei beach is celebrated in a song and is an old sunken valley with some post-erosional cliffs. On one side of the beach there are volcanic ridges which feature waterfalls as high as 4,000 feet. Hanalei runs a mile inland with 2 miles point to point, coral reefs on both sides and coral in the middle.

Beaches in Kauai

The beach is also home to a sunken ship which is believed belonged to a king and so is also a favourite attraction for divers. Hanalei is perfect for swimming and other activities such as fishing, boating, bodyboarding, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and canoe paddling. Hanalei beach may not be at the forefront of many Kauai resorts but it is a great beach to choose for a relaxing day with the family or for a romantic evening stroll.

Why not enjoy the beauty and relaxation a beach has to offer on the beautiful island of Kauai. Select from the numerous Kauai vacation packages and make it a point of duty to view as many of the beaches on the island as possible. There are many other notable beaches in Kauai such as Poipu Beach Park which is actually two beaches in one, Polihale State Park and Haena. If you’re looking for a Poipu Beach villa then make sure to check out the many beautiful resorts on the islands south shore.